Day 2 Essay Writing

A ship in the harbour is safe, but that is not what a ship is for बंदरगाह में एक जहाज सुरक्षित है, लेकिन यह वह नहीं है जिसके लिए जहाज बनाया गया है   Click here to visit compilation page Click here to Join Essay Course

Join Us-Mains Copy Evaluator (Hindi/English)

EVALUATOR-MAINS ANSWER COPY (Hindi/English) <p><strong>BASIC ELIGIBILITY</strong></p><ol><li>Should have prior experience of UPSC/State PCS Mains Examination</li><li>Candidate with experience in evaluating mains answer script</li><li>Should have Excellent command over the  Subject Matter.</li><li>English or Hindi Medium can apply</li></ol><p><strong>HOW TO APPLY</strong></p><ol><li>Upload Resume/CV along with your sample work</li><li>Shortlisting by team of Educators &amp; Evaluators</li><li>Remuneration discussion and Work allocation post G-meet/Telephonic discussion.</li></ol>

Catch Initiative 25th Feb 2023

Q1. “Indian Parliament is a non-sovereign law making institute.” Evaluate this statement. Q1. “भारतीय संसद एक गैर-प्रभुता सम्पन्न विधि-निर्मात्री संस्था है।” इस कथन की समीक्षा कीजिए।