Data Interpretation Course

Data Interpretation(D.I.) is one of the most integral parts in General Studies Paper 1 as it carries two questions to solve carrying 36 marks each. It is highly scoring and a deciding factor in your selection. It is very important not to take this section lightly as it is a low hanging fruit but needs practice. Data Interpretation mainly comprised of pie chart, line graph, tabulation method, bar graph and miscellaneous topics.

Key highlights of this module–

  1. 15 videos of 30-40 minutes each.
  2. Each topic will be dealt from the basics.
  3. Prerequisites will also be covered like profit and loss, average, percentage, ratio and proportion, angels etc.
  4. Practice sessions apart from PYQs in detail.
  5. Dedicated Telegram group for  discussions (Link you will get in mail  after Purchasing the course)
  6. Handhold support by personal doubt clearance
Cost : 251/- (Taxes will be exclusive)
Validity of the course will be till 69th Mains
This module is Free of Cost to Resonance 2.0 & Essay Batch students