How to prepare for mains answer writing for BPSC?

Preparing for the BPSC mains is the central and the most prominent strategy that every aspirant must assimilate and apply in practice before the mains examination. Since it’s an organic process of preparation that cannot be accomplished overnight, one must implement all these techniques before deciding on the BPSC examination. With continuous and strategic practice following all the parameters, one can easily present the answer in an explicit and lucid way to impress and fascinate the evaluator.  All these strategies and points are discussed below that can make you perfect for Mains Answer Writing and certain success.

Relevant answer with precise words

Your words in answers are the only way through which the evaluator can be acquainted and decide your marks. The relevant answer here means a precise answer. Whatever has been asked must be written properly without creating any chances of ambiguity. The answer must not carry more than the requirements, not less, and not different from the answer which is supposed to be. So, to avoid all these chances of ambiguity, you must prepare for the main exam writing. It’s not a tough task, but it can be done by continuously reading and writing the answers for a certain period.

Appropriate length and brief

All the written answers must have an appropriate length and word count as per the instruction and marks. So, the preparation for the mains depends on how much time one takes to write a certain word count. To prepare for Answer Writing for BPSC, writing answers for the previous year’s questions or important questions are more beneficial. It assures you that what’s your writing speed and how you are summarising the answers properly.

Balanced answer with an appropriate conclusion

Balanced answers are written in an equilibrium of its starting, main parts, peroration, and conclusion, including all the facts and relevant references. To prepare for this and have the expertise, you must observe the answer prepared by the experts with their profound experience and as per the current scenario. It enriches the quality of your answer writing and takes you closer to success.  


Presentation is the most effective and impressive feature of the answer written in the main examination. The writing must be explicit, illustrative, and impressive. It does not only matter for good handwriting; different things can make your presentation more distinct and elegant. And these are.

Points: everything must be written in points or enumerated in serial and be answered chronologically.

Highlights: All the important features and lines, like quotes, definitions, aphorisms, etc., must be underlined so that they can draw the attention of the evaluator.  

Neat and fair: all the written answers must appear neat and fair, and to maintain this quality, manage the space, size of letter, punctuation, etc.  


All the above factors are prominent that must be followed. To assimilate all the concepts for the entire syllabus, it is necessary to cover every paper, i.e., GS-1, GS-2, Essay, Hindi, and optional. All these must be studied from appropriate or relevant sources like books, study material of coaching, and test series, etc.; following all main features, reading and assimilating every paper with keen guidance will take you to success, especially in mains which is the central pillar of BPSC.

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