How to write Good Answers?

Friends, Answer writing is key to success .

You can’t write good Answers in a day or two.
It takes Minimum 50 Answers to be written to develop a Flow & rhythm in Answers.

We are giving you this platform to do the needful.

What are components of good Answer?

Different perspective & dimensions is the main ingredient.

How to have Different dimensions?

Read the answers of fellow aspirants who are uploading the Answers & compare your answer.
In the next answer incorporate those dimensions.
The best way to learn Is by analysing the lacunae yourself.

It could have been easy for us to provide you the model answer,but trust me you will never develop a Flow through that.


In starting, reading the answers of fellow aspirants, writing answers daily will appear to be a monotonous task,but it is this trivial thing that will award you in the end.



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