Hi friends

Hope your mains preparation is on track and you would be preparing day and night for getting enough marks to sail through the competition and bring your name in the final PDF. 

The main problem in preparation of BPSC examination is of quality materials at one place. The problem further exaggerates when it comes to English medium as UPSC and BPSC are different in terms of their total marks pattern and the amount of contents that has to be reflected in the answers.

So it becomes tedious and time consuming process to come with recent data, materials and collection of standard set of introduction and conclusion that could be easily reflected in final examination.

It is thus imperative that BCW  should come up with innovative ideas in order to help you skim through the examination process in a lucid manner.

In this regard, we are launching an INTRO & CONCLUSION series here on website itself and that will be FREE OF COST.

We will post a topic which has occurred  many times in the BPSC Mains examination and  in the discussion section you can write your own intro and conclusion.

Thus by community learning process we can have around 30 Intro and conclusion for each topic.It will be very easy for you to filter out the best among them and utilise in your answers. If possible, we will also try to filter out some of them and post them on our website itself.

This will be totally community-driven. The more community participation is there the more quality content you get.Get ready to take part in intro and conclusion series and improve your answer quality.

BCW is always with you in this journey to excel BPSC examination which is not beyond your reach.

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