Is there a Negative Marking in BPSC prelims?

Whenever there is the provision of a negative marking, especially in the examination based on the MCQs, it makes the aspirants more strategic and careful because they know, that the positive answers will increase their score whereas, the negative answers will decrease the marks as well. And the similar question is asked by the BPSC aspirant that, is there a negative marking in BPSC prelims examination, then the answer is, yes, there is a negative marking for an incorrect answer. To enhance the quality and relevancy of the BPSC examination, a negative marking has been implemented for the upcoming examination. Where one mark will be counted for every correct answer and 0.25 marks for the wrong answer. It will certainly make the aspirants more strategic and precise while choosing the correct answer. All the concepts and preparation can be enriched by BPSC Prelims online course, especially for those working and also preparing for the PSC.

To manage the negative score and enhance the score up to qualifying marks, there are some specific tips by the BPSC Concept Wallah that will help you be more confident and precise during the examination, and these are the following.

Solve ascertained question first

As per your experience from the previous year’s questions, intuition, and immense practice, you would have confidence in some specific section or subject. So, first of all, you must answer the questions you know well and have confidence. It enriches and uplifts your confidence during the examination because solving the right answers first feels with immense positivity and it appears that you are moving towards the qualifying score easily. This strategy will be profoundly keen with the help of online coaching so that you can perform better.

Mark the question for review in case of doubt

It often happens that you are not confident in some answers, especially when there are multiple answers, and it makes you confused. In that case, leave the answer for review and mark there on the question numbers, like R or review and once you finish all the answers you know well, analyze the answers and whatever was left for the review.

Apply the art of leaving.

Wherever a negative marking is there, this method is applicable to enhance your score by protecting you from the negative marks. The BPSC Negative Marking must be avoided, especially when you are not confident and completely unknown about some topic. It often happens that candidates use prediction methods to solve such unknown answers, but you must not do so.

Fill the circle with special care.

It is often seen that the lack of time and the pressure of examination makes the student’s mind fickle and lead to wrong answer in spite of having clear concepts. To avoid this difficulty, feel the circle properly while answering for the prelim examination. First of all, be calm while coloring the circle and accomplish them properly.


The negative marking will not create any difficulty if your preparation and strategy are keen and robust, especially with the help of the best BPSC online coaching. It does not affect you so much because, once you have mastery over the subjects and your strategy is perfect, you can perform well and score higher. To ensure a good score that is sufficient for the qualifying 68th BPSC Exam prelims, follow all these steps, enhance your concepts, strengthen your preparation, and get selected with the higher rank.

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