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Course Introduction

Why Essay Writing For BPSC?

  • The Mains Exam of BPSC is deciding factor for your name in the selection list. It is something that cannot be acquired in a single day. It requires a different skill set. Even if you know the abundance of amazing facts or have opinions that can outstand you from others, if you do not know how to present them, you might not be able to get through this.

  • Since BPSC introduced Essay Writing, it has attracted a crowd of aspirants preparing for UPSC CSE. They have a high chance that they have done rigorous esssay writing so undoubtedly a lot of practice is required promptly.

How NIPUN can Help?

  • The aspirants need to understand that the initial stages of the exam i.e. Prelims and Mains have to be done simultaneously. So we have come up with a program, NIPUN for the aspirants which is focused on Essay Writing so that students have a beforehand idea of how to approach mains essay writing and they do not feel anxious about how to practice essay writing once they get selected in Prelims.

  • This will be an 11 Week Program where the main focus will be after clearing prelims no student should
    worry about what should be thoughts on particular questions and how to maintain flow, etc. They will rather have to practice maximum questions in a timebound manner.

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