Strategies, Tips, and Insights for BPSC Exam

Preparation for the BPSC exam requires specific strategies, transformative tips, and explicit insight. It’s different from academic examinations where certain chapters and limited portions are there. Whereas BPSC, UPSC, or any other PSC examination has a profound syllabus, and it requires specific guidance to assimilate and cover everything in a way that answering the maximum question for aspirants and ensuring success would be easy. Some specific tricks can take you to clarity and success. And it is nothing else apart from covering the syllabus, and a chronological process of knowing everything for your BPSC examination. Some effective tips are as follows.

Get The Complete Materials

First of all, get acquainted with the complete syllabus, BPSC previous year question and procure the study materials either from independent bookstores or the coaching where you have enrolled for the preparation. Getting study material enriches your strategy with a keen road map and planning.

It helps a lot because as per the syllabus and priority basis you can start assimilating the concepts. The pattern of question and the previous year’s paper makes your idea clear for the examination. It is always suggested by an expert to read everything thoroughly so that it can be recollected while attempting the prelims and solving the MCQs.

Prepare For The Prelims With Concepts

Preparing for the prelims requires multiple strategies that can be inherited with assistance of the best online classes for BPSC. You need to solve MCQs with care and certainty because the upcoming prelims will have negative markings also. In this scenario, you must be sure of the answer, otherwise, a negative answer will reduce the marks and create a gap between your success.

To prepare for the prelims, all the subjects i.e., General Science, Events of national and international Importance, History of Bihar and Indian History, Geography, Geography of Bihar, Indian Polity and Economy, Changes in the economy of Bihar post-independence, Indian National Movement and Role of Bihar, General Mental Ability, and all must be explicitly clear.

To increase the speed of answers, practice the previous year’s questions, test series, etc. and create the notes as per the guidance of teachers.

Enhance The Writing For Mains

Since the main examination is based on the subjective model, it is vital for you to keep an eye on the BPSC exam date. Moreover, you need to enhance your writing skill with continuous practice because you need to write the answers lucidly in a limited period. It is imperative for aspirants to have brief ideas of all the subjects including the layout of essays and their summarized finishing. So, whatever materials you need for the mains must be procured before starting the preparation.

Get Profound Ideas About Topics

Concepts must be keen and clear for all the subjects; it doesn’t help only for mains and prelims but also at the time of personal interview. If you have mastery over the concepts, your captivating elegance will impress the evaluator with words, voice, and overall presentation. Hence, assimilate the concepts for better performance.


To enrich your strategy for the BPSC exam, it is necessary to have explicit ideas of the syllabus and pattern so that you can be acquainted with the questions and their nature. Always, create notes at your convenience or in your language that can recollect and remind you about the facts or concepts.