69TH BPSC Mains answer Writing- Day 2

Relevance: General Studies-2: Sec1 : Polity Q. Discuss each adjective attached to the word ‘Republic’ in the preamble. Are they defendable in the present circumstances stances? (Write and upload your answers in the comment box below)

69th BPSC Mains Answer Writing -Day1

Relevance: General Studies-2; Sec1: Polity Q.“Preamble is the soul of our constitution”. Discuss (8 marks) (Write and Upload answers in the comment box below You can peer review answers)

How to prepare for mains answer writing for BPSC?

prepare for Answer Writing for BPSC

Preparing for the BPSC mains is the central and the most prominent strategy that every aspirant must assimilate and apply in practice before the mains examination. Since it’s an organic process of preparation that cannot be accomplished overnight, one must implement all these techniques before deciding on the BPSC examination. With continuous and strategic practice […]

Catch initiative | Day-23 |Daily Mains Answer Writing

Q2. Write about the contribution of Shri Krishna Singh in Bihar’s political and Social context.बिहार के राजनीतिक और सामाजिक संदर्भ में श्री कृष्ण सिंह के योगदान के बारे में लिखिए।