What are the effective ways to create an Essay for BPSC?

Writing essays is the art to present some relevant information, concept, ideology, or knowledge in a literary way where the essence of writing can bind the reader and imparts pleasurable feelings. It must be designed with precise layouts which are the shape and size of written content and relevant words with beautifully juxtaposed are its ornaments that add more elegance and worthiness to the essay. Considering all these terms, assimilating the concepts, and accumulating more words are the ways to create an essay for BPSC or any other PSC examination. Because essays are frequently asked in UPSC as well.

There are different parameters that must be kept in mind while writing essays, especially for the BPSC examination. And these are the following.

Concepts throughout the syllabus

To write an effective essay, it is necessary to assimilate the syllabus and you must have an idea about the topic that from where it can be asked. There are three sections of the essay. One essay can be there based on narratives or some specific statement of any freedom fighter or stalwart of the country or Bihar. Another section is based on the Bihar special. It may be on the history of Bihar, the economy, geography, events, disasters, etc. The third essay is based on the current topic. It may be based on any event that recently happened. Each essay carries 100 marks. To write and present these essays, the concept must be clear through the subjects as per the BPSC syllabus.

Impressive and factual introduction

As previously mentioned, the introduction of the essay must be impressive, and it must consist of facts. It is often seen that the introduction has the capability to reveal the entire subject matter which is to be discussed and it presents a glimpse of the entire body of the essay. So, unless it is keen and explicit it cannot prompt the reader to move further. Hence, it is necessary to create a factual and impressive introduction.

Balanced proximity between words

Words are the ornaments of an essay, and the accumulation and selection of appropriate words are necessary to accomplish Essay Writing. Apart from these, it is also necessary to have appropriate proximity between words or morphemes so that the meaning must be precise and explicit.

Appropriate word counts with precise transitions.

Essays writing depends on the length also as per the syllabus and marks because you must present a profound concept including precise transitions and paragraphs so that the scenario can be clear. Continuous practice and getting insight from well-designed essay courses can help you a lot. It enhances your score and builds up confidence not only for essay writing but also for subjective answers in the mains.

Summarized conclusion

The conclusion is a solution, or it can also be said as a subsequent part of essays whichever is incepted by the introduction and discussed in several paragraphs. So, a briefly summarized conclusion helps to add more elegance to your essay. Hence it is necessary to focus on all these parameters and design your essay in an impressive way to enhance the score and ensure the success in BPSC examination.

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