What Is the Pattern of BPSC 2023?

It is said that if the way is known, the journey becomes easy and accessible for anyone and similar things are there in the examination, especially the competitive examination. In the current scenario, we are discussing the pattern of the BPSC examination and all segments through which every aspirant has to go to achieve the goal, which is success and assured selection. To accomplish the complete process of the BPSC exam pattern, there are three steps in which prelims, mains, and personal interviews are there. Every step is significant, and one has to go through each step chronologically. Every step has different types of questions, i.e., objective, MCQs, subjective, and oral in prelims, mains, and interviews. Let’s discuss the pattern, questions, types of questions, marks, and all in brief. 


The first step of the examination precedes the mains, and there are 150 questions carrying one mark for each. All these questions from the BPSC prelims syllabus are objective and multiple-choice. It’s an offline examination where the negative markings will also be there. 0.25 marks would be deducted for every wrong answer. 

All the questions of the BPSC syllabus will be there from different subjects. These are General Knowledge, National and International current affairs, Indian History, and History of Bihar, Geography (India and Bihar), rivers and other natural resources of Bihar, Indian polity, Indian economy, the economy of Bihar after freedom, the contribution of Bihar in Indian movement, etc. 

In the section on general knowledge, almost all the concepts can be grasped from contemporary general knowledge books, where science, history, geography, logical reasoning, etc., can be found. 

The prelims examination is the primary gate, and qualifying this opens the door for the mains, a central and significant feature of BPSC pertaining to the scoring, ranking, and all. 


The main segments are classified as GS-1, GS-2, Hindi, Essay, and optional papers in the main examination. 

The Hindi paper is qualifying in nature, where one must cross the qualifying marks and its marks will not be added to the final merit, which is considered for the main score or selection process. 

The MCQs will also delimit the optional paper, where obtaining the qualifying marks will be necessary and not added. The optional paper will be 100 marks.  

The general studies paper one will caries the question from different subjects: the modern history of India and Indian culture, current events, and international importance, statical analysis, graph, and diagram. 

It will carry subjective type questions, and this section will be for 300 marks. 

General Studies Paper 2 will consist of different subjects, and these are Indian polity, Economy, Geography, “science and technological impact” on Indian development, etc. It will also carry 300 marks, and all the questions will be subjective. 

The third and most significant part of the mains paper is Essay writing, which has been as UPSC. It will also carry 300 marks, and the topic will be given in the examination only where one must be prepared with the concepts, representation, and precise illustration of the subject matter with selected words in the entire section of the essay such as introduction, subject matter illustration, brief logic, and peroration. 


After qualifying for the mains, the selected candidates will be called for an interview. To prepare for an interview it is essential to avail of BPSC online classes as it will be completely based on your captivating elegance, presence of mind, and delivery of answers the panel team asks. It will consist of 120 marks, and the marks obtained will finally decide the rank and selection process. 


Overall. The total marks to decide the merit will be evaluated from the three main papers of mains, i.e., GS-1, GS-2, Essay, and Personal Interview. So the total marks will be considered out of 1020 marks, including mains and interview. So, apart from qualifying for the prelims, Hindi, and optional paper, it is necessary to prepare for GS-1, GS-2, and Essay wring profoundly which will illuminate your path to success and ensure selection.

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