About Us

The life-task of BPSC CW is to help navigate, nurture and nourish young minds to help them achieve success using all their abilities and capabilities.

Education effaces differences of race, cast, gender and deprivation. It enlightens us across the society. It’s a delectation – every individual’s soul right.

We owe it to our student community. We have to make this world a less difficult place for them to learn, grow up and actualize their dream under a compassionate tutelage.

We at BPSC CW are committed to remove every boulder from the broken road along the way and create an enabling path for individuals to not only courageously brave the competitive exams but also thoughtfully accept and adapt to the emerging challenges of a constantly flowing world as extraordinary global citizens.


BPSC CW strives to empower individuals to go past beyond and above the milestone through science backed, data-driven and affordable mentoring programs


We are committed and passionate individuals working everyday to provide content, training and educational services to help individuals to reach their highest potential, in a way that’s affordable, sustainable and authentic.