Privacy Policy

We request all the students and subscribers to read and assimilate our privacy policy and terms and conditions carefully to avoid future difficulties. Because the lack of information often becomes injurious.

We collect all this information required for service delivery precisely and to establish keen communications.

Collection of Personal information

• Name

• Telephone Number
• Email Address
• Service Address
• Other information about the service address which You give Us
• Your IP address.
• Information about your device
• Network information
• College/ Institution Details and location
• User uploaded photo and IDs
• Demographic information such as postcode, preferences and interests

Contact details

To accomplish the registration process, we can collect the following information like name, mobile number, email address, location, gender, alternate mobile number, etc. All these are required for registration.

Access of other accounts

For the registration process, we can ask for access to your Google account or Facebook also, which is used for logging.


All personal information is kept confidential and not shared with any other.

Information with the third party

Sharing information with a third party may be subject to getting the relevant services from our clients associated with us or delivering their services for us. In this case, all your information is used only for the enhancements of services.

Keep all the passwords Confidential.

You are responsible for all your registration details, password, subscription data, and everything.

Authentic Email Address

We always send the mail through an authorised email id for any communication; hence, always consider the email or any other mode of information, etc.

Data securities

All the data saved from your side are kept secure and safe. So, there is no need to worry about data security. Unless you share your details with anyone else, it is safe.

Contact details

For any queries and further communication, contact us at ( Insert the Email id& Contact numbers )

After reading all the terms & conditions and privacy policy, accept these and move forward for the services.