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CLIMATE RESILIENT AGRICULTURE What is Climate Resilient Agriculture. Give some examples in support of your arguments as how it will revolunise the

Discuss the major challenges related to elections in India and suggest measures to make the electoral process more inclusive and fair

Q. What are the election campaign methods in Bihar. How election commission regulates and monitors these campaigns. (2005) ———————————————————————————————– In Bihar, election

Q2. How does the Himalayan Mountain range shape the climate of the Indian subcontinent? Also, discuss the impact of the warming of

Q. Whereas the British planters had developed tea gardens all along the shivaliks and lesser Himalayas from Assam to himachal pradesh in

What do you mean by the Minimum Support Price (MSP)? Give a brief analysis of the problems and challenges associated with the

Delhi’s relationship with Gulf has transformed over the last decade, marks a diplomatic success. How? Place suitable context in support of your

What is a Delimitation Exercise? Explain it with the help of relevant constitutional provisions.Why was it freezed after 1971 census and also

What do you understand by Inclusive Growth. How it can be sustained in Agriculture and also discuss government initiatives in this regard.

Discuss the evolving and strengthening strategic relationship between India & France. Does this relationship establishes the fact that India is a rising

Discuss the problem of centre-state relations in India and its prospects in the future ,with special references to Bihar. Examine how problems

“The regional political parties are loosing its relevance and popularity due to its narrow and inward looking policies.” Discuss the above statement