DAKSH- A Comprehensive BPSC Mains Course

Course Introduction

  • 69M” BPSC CCE will be conducted in three stages which is Preliminary Examination, Mains Examination and then finally the Interview stage.

  • To form the final merit list the scores of Mains and Interview will be consolidated and based on that the student’s dream to serve Bihar Government will be realized.

  • This itself shows that one need to have a wide knowledge and clear understanding of the topic and along with that have an ability to portray it in concise manner.

How is BPSC Mains Different from UPSC Mains

Although from this year BPSC has introduced essay writing which was already been there in UPSC Mains which makes it look as both can be perceived from same view but students need to understand that it is slightly different as they need to have an opinion in the perspective of Bihar.

The segment of General Studies is crucial and students are required to be well read and also capable to dissect the topics properly so that they can address the demand of the question properly.

General studies papers | and paper ll will cover the following areas of knowledge:-


(1) Modern History of India and Indian culture.

(2) current events of national and international importance.

(3) statistical analysis, graphs and diagrams.

Dissecting it further in below sections :

1. Static part-In this portion topics like Modern History Of India and Indian culture are covered but as it is exam of Bihar state it is expected from students that they address the topic in context of Bihar, like what was the impact of important movements like Champaran Satyagrah on Bihar. . A knowledge of the chief features of Mauryan and Pal art and Patna Quiam painting will be expected from the examinees.

Although these topics are low hanging fruits for the aspirants still they may face challenges if they donot look what and how much they are delivering as per the demand of the question.
« Non Static Part- This part is dynamic because it is generally based on the current activities happening in county and state. The main challenge that students can face is consolidation of facts and opinions and channelize in their answers. Students are required to have limited but clear understanding of the topic
« Numerical Part: The part is relating to statistical analysis, graphs and diagrams will include exercises to test the candidate’s ability to draw common sense conclusions from information presented in statistical, graphical or diagrammatical form and to point out deficiencies, limitations or inconsistencies therein.


(1) Indian Polity

(2) Indian economy and Geography of India; and

(3) The role and impact of science and technology in the development of India

In this section although it seems that they are factual but students should know the proper intermingling of static current and perspective as per Bihar. As it can lots of datas but students are required to filter the most important ones as per the demand.

How BCW can Help?

The major issue that student face is of the times span after prelims as it is very less and if one have not made balance between both the stages it gets very difficult to sail through this.

For this we have come up with a program which will be focussed to build a base where students will have familiarity with every segment whether current or static much before the prelims examination.

Joining this program will give them in-depth understanding of topics so that once they are through with the prelims they do not feel undirected and focus on answer writing.

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