Terms and Condition

All the students are advised to read the terms and conditions properly and proceed after reading them because once you accept them, only you can proceed with purchasing the courses. We herbily request to proceed with the same. As per the organisation’s rules, we use the following process, which has been revealed as follows.

Uses of Information

Whatever information we use from your side is just because to enhance our services and establish explicit communication. It is not used to share with others at all.


To receive information about your network, location, the speed of the server, etc., we send cookies to enhance the services better.  Unless your acceptances, we can’t move forward to have further service.

Sharing of Personal Information

We never share your information with any other else. However, we only share it with third parties associated with our services from where we get other constituent helps. So we can ensure that there are also no misuses of your information.

Refund Policy

Once you purchase the materials or the complete coaching package, it is not refundable. There are demonstration classes for your satisfaction through which you can ensure the quality of classes. But once purchased will not be refundable.


Your contact details are kept private from our side, and there are no misuses of those details except contacting you for any service-related issues.